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The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal is a daily journal to help you cultivate a life of mindfulness.

Each day is different and consists of the following four components: 
1) A daily gratitude log 
2) Unique affirmations to speak over your life 
3) A section to review your top 5 goals and 
4) A daily soul prompt to get you in a state of mindfulness for the day.


Gratitude: journaling your gratitude is a simple and effective way to help you develop a more positive mindset over time. By focusing on what you have to be grateful for, you fight negative thought patterns, and welcome more abundance into your life. Aside from just jotting down what you’re thankful for each day, I encourage you to also note why you are grateful.

Affirmations: speaking affirmations is an excellent way to build self-confidence and gain control of your life. I’ve included a wide range of affirmations that will cover just about every aspect of your well-being, from forgiveness and relationships to health and spirituality. Do your best to believe what you’re speaking to affirm the affirmation over your life.

Goal Setting: there is so much power in having a vision and keeping your goals before your eyes. In this journal, you won’t just be reminded of your top 5 goals every day; you’ll also have the opportunity to write an action step for achieving each of those goals.

Soul Prompts: each day ends with a soul prompt. The days alternate between an open-ended thought and an action-oriented exercise. These soul prompts allow you to reflect on your life, inspire yourself, and stay focused on the present moment. 

A note from the author: 

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression her entire life, the most important thing I’ve learned is how critical it is to be proactive with your mindset each and every day. Over the years, one method I’ve found to help me consistently maintain a healthy and positive mindset is journaling. 


Journaling, to me, is a loose term. And I think, for a lot of people, it can seem both taxing and ambiguous—at least it did for me in the beginning. After hearing and reading many times over again the benefits of journaling, I began to experiment with the practice.

While working with a variety of journals and planners, I started to discover a method that worked and benefited my life. Pretty soon, I found myself keeping up with three different notebooks, just to have the right formula each day. After months of doing this, I finally had an idea—why don’t I just create a journal that has all the elements I love and use as part of my daily mindset routine? Not only would this eliminate the need to keep up with multiple notebooks every day; I’d also be creating something beneficial and useful to help others live a more intentional life.


And that’s when the 30-Day Mind Shift Journal was born.

Journal is paperback with a matte finish. 7in wide x 9in tall. 

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