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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

My first memory of anxiety was at the age of three. I remember my Dad had just dropped me off in Sunday school and after he had left, I was immediately paralyzed with fear. I was unable to move, staring at the ground, and obsessively fidgeting with my hands.

In other words…I didn’t feel safe.

Now, did I know that at the age of three? Of course not. But my physiological response at that moment had gone into a “fight or flight” state due to the lack of security I felt.

Funny how anxiety will do that.

Anxiety is something I have battled with my entire life and continue to work to manage. And like a lot of people who struggle with anxiety, I also struggle with depression. They kind of tend to be bffs.

With that being said, I grew up in a holistic household where the talk of medication for these kinds of ailments just wasn’t a thing. And it actually wasn’t until last year that I found out neither of my parents actually knew how bad I was struggling throughout my childhood and teenage years until I told my story more openly.

I think it’s important to state here that anxiety and depression are not “one size fits all” approaches. There are varying degrees of both that can be felt in waves and affect each person differently based on their individual experiences and genetic makeup.

I’ve never taken medication to treat my anxiety or depression and I work diligently to manage my mindset with all-natural holistic methods. This is a personal decision and things could change at some point in the future and that’s okay. I’m always going to be willing to explore my options depending on what is best for me. There is no shame in taking medication and you should always do what is best for you.

Now, since I do solely rely on holistic methods to manage my mindset, it’s really important that I engage with habits that have also been backed by science proven to change the mind. This is how my passion for neuroscience got started! I find the field of neuroscience to be absolutely fascinating because it’s continuing to change the face of mental “illness” forever.

Did you know that there have been more discoveries about our brains just in the last twenty years than any other time in history? We are just beginning to tap into the brilliance of our minds and understand just how malleable they are.

This is the kind of stuff that gets me LIT you guys. In fact, SO LIT, that I created a product that was not only birthed out of my own mindset routine but that also incorporates elements of neuroscience, The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal.

The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal is a daily journal designed to help you cultivate a life of mindfulness. While there are many definitions of the word, I want to share what mindfulness means to me. Mindfulness, to me, means living life in the present moment, with a grateful heart, and choosing love as your response to your circumstances and to those around you.

The thing I love the most about The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal that previous customers have also agreed on is the fact that the journal is a guided experience.

Each day is different, but they all contain the same formula:

1) A daily gratitude log

• Every day begins with a space to write 5 things you’re grateful for and why you’re grateful for them.

2) Unique affirmations to speak over your life

• Each day has 4 different affirmations to speak over your life. No day has the same combination.

3) A section for goal setting

• There’s a space dedicated to writing your top 5 goals down plus an action step for each of those goals for the day.

4) A daily soul prompt

• These daily soul prompts are meant to get you in a state of mindfulness for the day. This is done through a simple open-ended question or instruction.

So, why do these habits matter and what are the exchanges taking place within our minds?

Let’s dive into the 4 habits that make up The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal.

Habit #1 Gratitude: journaling your gratitude is a simple and effective way to help you develop a more positive mindset over time. By focusing on what you have to be grateful for, you fight negative thought patterns and welcome more abundance into your life.

The science component? Expressing gratitude rewires your brain for love by stimulating your hypothalamus and ventral tegmental area (VTA). These are the parts of your brain that regulate stress and produce feelings of pleasure.

Habit #2 Positive Affirmations: speaking affirmations is an excellent way to build self-confidence and gain control of your life. The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal includes a wide range of affirmations that will cover just about every aspect of your well-being, from forgiveness and relationships to health and spirituality.

The science component? Speaking out positive affirmations rewires your subconscious mind by creating new neural pathways in your brain. Every time you speak out an affirmation you are reinforcing the belief. This is literally neuroplasticity in action!

Download my FREE Mind Shift Affirmations E-Book here.

Habit #3 Goal Setting: there is so much power in having a vision and keeping your goals before your eyes. In The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal, you won’t just be reminded of your top 5 goals every day; you’ll also have the opportunity to write an action step to help you achieve each of those goals as well.

The science component? Writing down your goals engages your hippocampus and cerebellum which have the highest rates of neurogenesis. Neurogenesis is the process of giving birth to new neurons to change itself. Simply put, goal setting allows you to change your brain at an exponential rate.

Habit #4 Soul Prompts: each day of The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal ends with a soul prompt to get you in a state of mindfulness for the day. Alternating between an open-ended thought and an action-oriented exercise, these soul prompts allow you to reflect on your life, inspire yourself, and stay focused on the present moment.

The science component? Practicing mindfulness awakens the prefrontal cortex of your brain which allows you to become more self-aware. This is what allows you to be able to make good decisions and to work toward filling your time with the things you actually care about.

What makes The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal so effective are the habits it forces you to engage with. While change in the mind is possible, neuroplasticity teaches us that only lasting change can be done through habituation. Repetition brings results by solidifying new desired outcomes—or rather pathways— in your brain.

Do you want to be happier and less stressed out? Practice gratitude daily. Do you want to have more confidence and control in your life? Speak out positive affirmations. Do you want to hold yourself accountable while also transforming yourself in the process? Review your goals every day.

And if you want to live a life that’s heart-focused, inspired, and present? Make mindfulness a way of life.

Will The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal fix all your problems and rid your life of anxiety and depression? No. BUT, it will help you to manage these things and make you a more resilient person in the process. Rewiring your brain is not easy but it IS possible, and I know that The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal is a great tool in helping you to get started.

You’re probably wondering now, where can I purchase The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal?

Exciting news—I recently made the switch from fulfilling orders myself to streamlining the process with Amazon! Amazon allows on-demand printing so journals will now be printed as orders come in and then mailed straight to your doorstep—pretty rad!

I recently made some adjustments to my website so if you’d like to see product images and videos you can do so here.

P.S - I have a speaking engagement called You Can Change Your Mind where I talk more in-depth about my mental health and personal transformation story that directly aligns with The 30-Day Mind Shift Journal. I am excited to be sharing this message next up at Quicken Loans’ Mental Health Summit on May 19th! If you’re interested in having me share my message with your team or organization, you can request me to speak here.

Sending love and healing to you right now! And please please please don’t ever forget—you can change your mind.


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